Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Girls

I'm super excited to be getting married in June. I have to say, I have a large bridal party. I'm sure it's not as large as some, but it's more than I had originally anticipated. However, each of these ladies mean so much to me, and I love them dearly.

This is Kim. She is one of my Matrons of Honor. Yes, I have, two! :) We've known each other for quite some time - from back when we worked retail together! She's absolutely amazing, and I don't know what I would do without her. Not only does she make me look good, because she does my hair, she's made me a better person.

This is Ashley. She's my other Matron of Honor. She and I have known each other several years. We worked together in the Vanderbilt Burn Center & Camp Hope. I had the privilege of being the Maid of Honor at her wedding in September, and I'm grateful that she will be in mine. Love you!

This is Tanya. We met in Massage Therapy School and hit it off right from the start. She and I have lots of memories together. We've been there for each other on many occasions - some of the best were the births of her three children!

This is LeeAnna. She & I worked together at Vanderbilt Children's Pediatric Emergency Department. I love this girl dearly - I consider her a sister - like she doesn't have enough already! This young lady has such a wonderful, compassionate heart to serve those around her!

This is Joy, a friend of mine and Aaron's. We go to church together. She and I met at a Murder Mystery Dinner (that our Sunday School class was having) - @ the Lile's, where I was wearing a wedding dress (and I wasn't feeling good). She's a dear friend to me, and I'm happy that she's a part of my real wedding.

This is Kaitlin, sister of Aaron. She is a beautiful young woman, and I'm so excited to be getting a sister.

Here are Megan & Taylor, daughters of Steve and Melissa. Steve is officiating the service, and Melissa is one our readers. I love these girls so much - it's so wonderful to see them grow into beautiful young ladies!

This is Hannah, niece of Aaron. She, too, is a beautiful, talented young lady. I'm blessed to have her as one of my girls!

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